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Nearly fifty years ago, twelve of the most talented singers, dancers and entertainers were hand picked from thousands of girls who auditioned across the nation. The prize: An opportunity to star every week with Dean Martin on his weekly T.V. Variety Series.

So popular were The Golddiggers that they were asked to host Dean’s Summer Replacement Series for three consecutive years in a row. That led to the group being given their very own weekly series, The Golddiggers, performing with just about every named star in Hollywood.

From hit record albums to appearances on a variety of other television shows, The Golddiggers toured the biggest arenas and showrooms in the world. Twice entertaining two separate U.S. Presidents at the White House, The Golddiggers were the only musical group invited to perform on the 1971 Emmy Awards becoming huge international stars themselves.

The experience of a lifetime came when The Golddiggers were featured performers on the highest rated Television specials of 1968, 1969 and 1970 – “The Bob Hope U.S.O. Christmas Show. The group toured overseas entertaining our troops as bombs exploded and gunfire rang out all around them leaving their everlasting images in the hearts and minds of the soldiers who saw them. Even today, they still receive fan mail from those soldiers who remember what the troupe did to lift their spirits while far away from home serving our country.

Long before “The Spice Girls”… and Long before “The Cheetah Girls”… a new generation will have the opportunity to see and hear the original group that started it all, with more talent and energy then ever before!

Six of the original Dean Martin Golddiggers (Sheila (Mann) Allan, Suzy Cadham, Jackie Chidsey, Susie (Lund) Ewing, Rosetta (Cox) Gitlin and Nancy (Reichert) Sinclair) are coming around full circle to perform once more to the delight of their fans.

The Golddiggers were, and still are, a major part of Television History, American culture and America itself

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